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Credit card

We offer a wide range of credit cards to our customers according to their eligibility and requirements. You get to choose the bank or company along with card choice.

What is a credit card?

The Credit card is a thin rectangular plastic card is offered & issued by financial institutions (usually banks), that is a payment card enable you to borrow funds from pre- approved limit to pay a merchant or company for goods and services for your purchase.

The credit card limit is decided based on your credit score eligibility and credit history, if the credit score is higher and credit history is better than the  limit is higher. The credit card is different from debit card & prepaid recharge card which requires to repay in full at the end of each statement cycle or each month within the stipulated time to avoid penalty interest charges.

The financial institution (usually a bank) grants a line of credit to the cardholder that money can borrow card holder for payment to merchants or as an advance cash. Users can swipe the credit card or can use it for online transaction payments.A few differences between Credit and Debit card

 Credit Card

  • The credit card allows the cardholder to use money up to the certain limit for payment or cash withdrawl.
  • The credit card provides the credit limit to spend or borrow money to make payments whenever you required.
  • The interest is charged on the outstanding balance amount, if you delayed the payments.

Debit Card

  • The debit card allows the cardholder by drawing money to spend they have deposited in the bank account.
  • The debit cards are issued by banks against saving & current account which you can use to borrow or spend money deposited into your accounts.
  • The debit card cannot be used spend money once you don’t have funds in your accounts.

We make it simple and easy to apply for your desired credit card, as you can apply with your comfort of your home through our expert team.

 Note:  You should not share your debit & credit card information with anyone to avoid fraud.

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