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Fixed Deposit

We offer a wide range of Corporate Fixed Deposits instruments to our customers with a choice of attractive rate of interests. You get to choose the company, the rate of interest, frequency of interest payouts like monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or at maturity.
Fixed Deposit is offered by banks, Non banking, financial companies (NBFCs) or post office. Fixed deposits are safe and secure and low risk financial instrument. That provides the perfect solutions for those with low risk appetite. You can easily invest in fixed deposit and grow your savings at a fixed rate of interest, that has traditionally been one of the first safest saving instruments in India.
The rate of interest offered by fixed deposit is higher than the savings account’s interest rate, It allows the convenience of investment along with safety, which can help to plan your long term & short term goals.
We make it simple and easy to Invest in preferred fixed deposit, as you can invest from the comfort of your home through our expert team.

Benefits of Fixed Deposit

• Ease of Buying with fixed returns
• Fixed Deposit for NRIs
• Auto renewal
• Higher interest rate on Fixed Deposit in India
• High Stability and Credibility
• Multi deposit facility
• Higher Interest Rates for Senior Citizens
• Systematic Deposit Plan
• Flexibility of Investment with Flexible Tenures

Types of Deposit

Non-cumulative Deposits
In non-cumulative deposit the interest is paid to investors at Monthly / Quarterly / Half Yearly / Yearly intervals.
Generally the Interest for non-cumulative deposits paid to investors through ECS / NEFT as per below given schedule:-
• Monthly – Last Day of Every Month
• Quarterly – Last Day of March/June/September/December
• Half Yearly – Last Day of March/September
• Yearly – Last Day of March

Cumulative Deposits
In cumulative deposit the interest is paid to investors along with the Principal amount at the time of maturity.


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