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Micro ATM

Micro ATM

Accept payments or withdraw on your Smartphone/Tablet through our Micro ATM Solutions. Credit/Debit/Card Accepted, Real-Time Settlement.

Micro ATMs are card swipe machines through which banks can distantly interface with their centre financial framework. To operate the Micro ATM an individual needs to go through a check cycle, for example Aadhaar card with fingerprint scanning or card swipe option.

One can expand banking administrations anyplace in the far off region utilizing Micro ATM. Micro ATM is compact gadget. It is Simple to convey and to arrange anyplace in the far off zone.

  • Interoperable gadget and can work for any bank and valuable to help individuals during demonetization measure.

ARE you running out of cash? Don’t want to use your credit card or debit card? Try not to stress, you can utilize a Micro-ATM to get some money. ATM   has made our life exceptionally simple. There is no uncertainty about it. Be that as it may, in the money crunch situation, like today Micro ATMs is the best reasonable choice and it is a little POS type machine. In excess of a million Indians are examining their fingerprints and pulling back money at nearby Kirana stores each day through biometric-abled instalment channel from their financial  balances connected with Aadhar to satisfy their money needs. Micro ATMs permits clients to perform money related exchange like money store, withdrawal  and reserve move would especially help address the issues that individuals are looking in provincial and semi-metropolitan zones ,  where the ATM network isn’t as solid as of now.

According to bankers the cost of of a Micro ATM is lesser than that of an ordinary ATM.  ATMs need at least 80-100 transactions a day and they cost several lakhs. A Micro ATM costs less than  Rs 20,000,  there are around 2,01,861 ATMs in India, as indicated by RBI information. Of these, 1,03,282 are nearby and 98,579 offsite.

The Micro ATM is created to help individuals of the provincial  zone  for the budgetary incorporation. In any case, in substantial money crunch issue like today these kinds of Micro ATM machines is helping to everybody. With more Micro ATMs , the government will be able to provide cash to the individuals who are unable to withdraw cash from their accounts due to the distant area or different reasons.



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