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Money Transfer

Domestic Money Transfer

Single Page Remittance App – It is simple to work and most easy to understand stage where cash will move quicker without OTP and IFSC.

Our instalment stage (payment platform) permits you to move and get assets (funds) through the IMPS framework (system) in an exceptionally secured environment.

Fund transfers will now be made simple with cash to cash account. Carry in cash and stroll into any bank branch office or select merchant establishments, fill in some of the details and transfer money to your friends, family, anyone in the country. There are two strategies of transferring money (Domestic Money Transfer) IMPS and NEFT. It is cost-effective and the transaction can be done safely and in secure manner.  Domestic Money Transfer in view of IMPS innovation is one of the administrations most sought after today in India.


  • Fund Transfer is also possible on Sundays and bank holidays.
  • It is accessible 24*7*365. Money can be send instantly at any time.
  • Fund Transfer to all the PSUs and Private banks.
  • Free SMS alert on every transaction.


Now customers don’t need to travel long distances or wait in queues and fill out the forms to avail basic banking services.  iServeu integrates with major banks in India and empowers its retailers to provide Domestic Money Transfer or cash deposit service in customer’s bank account instantly 24*7. It is the convenient way of transferring money.

RBI (Reserve Bank of India) has announced domestic money transfer relaxation for small money transfers. RBI has made out some changes and applied some rules in the money pay out, money pay in and card to card transfer schemes. Only banks are permitted to initiate money transfer in the country subject to the adherence of KYC/AML rules.

Pan India – This product configuration brings out technology to the end user (clients) through the Business Correspondent Agents and at the same time it guarantees a technology with innovative experience for the end user. This money to Bank A/c remittance service is offered across more than fifty thousand outlets Pan India.

The process of transferring the money is very simple, the person who wants to send the money would have to deposit the amount to the DMR agent and the agent would transfer the amount using NEFT or IMPS technology to the sender, its process is simple and straight forward. It is easy to use, even also without a bank account, you can get the amount transferred and it is safe and secure and is approved payment system.

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